Garden Fountains and Stuff
We make our ponds out of solid concrete Or Plastic Liners.  Please call or email us for a quote.
Call or Text: 760-500-0193
Modern Style 1 Tier Waterfall Sample #12
Natural Stone Waterfall With Sunken Basin Sample #8
Pondless 2 Tier Waterfall Sample #9
Large Boulder Fountain With Sunken Basin Sample #13
Duck Pond With 3 Tier Waterfall Sample #10
Stacked Stone Waterfall Sample #11
Jacuzzi Pond With Tall 2 Tier Waterfall Sample #14
Dog Pond With 3 Tier Waterfall Sample #15
Please note that every custom pond or waterfall  will need to be fabricated on the customer site. Garden Fountains And Stuff will require a down payment before we begin the fabrication process. Please contact via Text, Phone Call or send us an Email. Please Note: Due to every pond or waterfall being custom made to the customers specifications, there is no returns or refunds unless agreed by Garden Fountains and Stuff personnel. Garden fountains and stuff is not responsible for any additional installations done by the customer or other contractors.  inproper installation. We will do our best to meet our customer’s satisfaction.
Double Pond With Multiple Tier Waterfall Sample #16
Double Pond With Multiple Tier Waterfall Sample #17