Please note that every order placed online takes approximately 2 to 3 days to fabricate, detail, and color stain. As soon as we receive an online order we will begin the fabrication process. The customer needs to specify the color stain desired.  Please refer to the color selections page and provide the color stain number when you go through the ordering process or just send us an email under the contact us page. Please Note: Due to every item being fabricated and stained to the customers specification, there is no returns or refunds unless agreed by Garden Fountains and Stuff personnel. Due to the weight of our concrete products, all our products are fabricated in sections and the customer is fully responsible for the installation process. Garden fountains and stuff is not responsible for a customers inproper installation. For a fee we also offer delivery services. Please contact one of our sales representatives for a proper delivery quote. We will do our best to meet our customer’s satisfaction. 
Garden Fountains and Stuff
Wall Fountain F144 68x32"
Natural (No Color) $500
With Color Stain $550
Large Wall Fountain F116 82x55"
Natural (No Color) $700
With Color Stain $780
All of our fountains are made out of solid concrete. 
Phone: 760-500-0193  
Wall Fountain F199 60x30"
Natural (No Color) $385
With Color Stain $440
Wall Fountain F189 56x39"
Natural (No Color) $460
With Color Stain $550
Wall Fountain F113 48x21"
Natural (No Color) $188
With Color Stain $230